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Shop Management Solution

Shop Management Solution is an management information system (MIS) for Retailers who want to keep track of there profit and stock levels without the need of complex setups.

Free Right to left languages Arabic / Urdu Edition: http://www.deluxewebapps.com/downloads/shop-management-solution-rtl

Offical Page: http://www.deluxewebapps.com/downloads/shop-management-solution

Bronze, Sivler and Gold Edition (Is available now) with value added features:
– Bar Code Reader
– Thermal Printer
– Manage Invoices
– Manage Purchase Orders
– Manage Users
– Reports (Sales, Stock, Purchases)
– Multiple PC (Gold Edition)
– Networking

Free Trial (Bronze Edition):: http://www.deluxewebapps.com/trial

Gold Edition URL:

Training & Help: http://deluxewebapps.com/blog

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Website http://www.deluxewebapps.com/downloads/shop-management-solution
  • Internationalization ( Multiple Languages Support ) - English, Chinese, Spanish, Hindi, Bengali, Urdu (RTL Edition), Arabic (RTL Edition)
  • Item Type Management Module
  • Vendor Management
  • Contractor Management
  • Customer Billing
  • Stock Management ( Add Item(s) and Purchases)
  • Sales / Balance Report
  • Invoice Generation ( PDF Format )
  • Cash Counter Management
  • Unit of Measurement Based Item Management
  • Invoice Printing
  • Check for Latest Updates
  • Report a Bug / Suggestion
  • Add Unit of Measurement