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Native C++ port of .Net Framework on Windows macOS and Linux.

The Switch framework is…

• a collection of native C++ classes libraries, similar to the .NET Framework;
• written in efficient, modern C++14;
• and highly portable and available on many different platforms (Windows, macOS, Linux);

Github sources :

git clone https://github.com/gammasoft71/Switch Switch

Reference Guide :


Download and Install Switch :

Before running examples you must download and install Switch. To download and install it read https://gammasoft71.wixsite.com/switch/downloads page or https://github.com/gammasoft71/Switch/blob/master/docs/Downloads.md file.

Development status :


More informations :

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Website https://gammasoft71.github.io/Switch
  • System : The Switch.Core, Switch.System & Switch.System.Core are libraries of classes, interfaces, and value types that provide access to system functionality. It is the foundation on which c++ applications, components, and controls are built.
  • Drawing : The Switch.Drawing library contains types that support basic GDI+ graphics functionality. Child namespaces support advanced two-dimensional and vector graphics functionality, advanced imaging functionality, and print-related and typographical services. A child namespace also contains types that extend design-time user-interface logic and drawing.
  • Forms : The Switch.Forms library contains classes for creating Windows-based applications that take full advantage of the rich user interface features available in the Microsoft Windows operating system.
  • TUnit : The Switch.TUnit.Core and Switch.TUnit.Main libraries are a unit-testing framework for modern C++14. Initially ported from NUnit.